Spring Into Gardening


As the weather begins to warm up, are you looking for an activity to spend some quality time on while doing something powerful, healing and beautiful? Growing a lush garden can promote a sense of pride and satisfaction we all need in our daily lives. Gardening helps to develop a sense of responsibility, and it stimulates cognitive and muscular skills. Beautifying a garden inspires creativity and imagination, thus strengthening trust and self-esteem and fortifying relationships with others. Plus, it’s a way to express ourselves, dedicating our down time to something relaxing and calming into nature. Today’s life is so focused on schedules and deadlines. Stress and anxiety can make us feel disconnected, weak and unwell. What if gardening, with all its benefits, could help us rediscover ourselves and find what feels good? What if we could use spring as our special moment to embark an amazing journey all about nature, happiness and personal exploration?
Gardening has gotten a bad rap as a rather mundane and boring activity for grannies, but at any age, cultivating a garden makes you feel closer to nature and the cycle of life. You don’t have to be an expert about plants and flowers. When it comes to gardening, the most important thing is passion and dedication: treat your plants with love and they will reward you. It may happen that we are faced with initial difficulties and disappointments when certain plants don’t grow properly, but in the end, the primal satisfaction of seeing your ‘green’ corner flourish repays your effort and patience.
The time we carve out for daily garden care can be transformed into moments of relaxation and meditation. The daily rituals, the examination of what should be cut, tied, helped, the watering, the removal of what is faded and dried up, our participation in the cycle of life of everything within that garden that grows and dies, become acts that reassure us that we are living in the moment and completely present with our actions. Our mind rests, freeing itself from all the thoughts and worries of the day. Then, we are in the best physical and mental space to resume the normal tasks of daily life.
Taking care of plants and flowers can become a precious way to self-care and self-balance. Garden Therapy, also known as Horticultural Therapy, is a form of holistic therapy useful for promoting health and inner well-being.
Cultivating a vegetable garden ensures that you learn new techniques that could be useful at work, such as freeing your mind from negative and repetitive thoughts and worries, stimulating the ability to work as a team and promoting a general feeling of relaxation and well-being.
Tending to your garden inspires a positive state of mind. Starting to cultivate a flower or a fruit from the seeds is in itself an act of hope and commitment. From your horticultural dedication, you will witness the transformation of a simple piece of land into a colorful and fragrant flower or vegetable garden capable of producing actual fruits of your labor.
The inner pleasure that comes as a natural consequence of having achieved one’s goal is a source of joy, balance, and self-esteem. Beyond the real “garden therapy” sessions, each one of us can start the cultivation of a vegetable garden or even just taking care of an indoor plant, either in a pot and not having much space available, or deciding to place a jar of aromatic herbs in the kitchen or on the windowsill. Every time we look at it, we will feel that calming, relaxed sensation, which is how we felt while cultivating our seeds. The process makes us feel part of something bigger, special and unique. It’s time to feel responsible and grateful for a new beautiful life coming to this world with love, passion and dedication while taking care of ourselves too taking the time, being present and focused on what really matters and what is really good to our souls. What are you waiting for? Spring is here! The best moment of the year to live the magic and to embark your own journey towards this meditative, life affirming and magical activity.
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